vendredi 14 octobre 2011

.:The last Opus:.

The Vault will definitely leave this world. I'm putting an end to it because i need to focus on other projects and The Vault was becoming more or less a stress or a constraint. I did what i had to do with it and now i need to move on something else. I have few unreleased tracks that will appear as a limited edition CD on Fall of Nature Records. Look on the label website for more informations. Thanks to Karl Rogers for his support. The MySpace account will also be cancelled.

dimanche 22 mars 2009


Any kind of collaborations and trades are welcome.


Pour une collaboration ou un échange, n'hésitez pas à me contacter.


2006 The Vault - Be my Psychotic Slave! CDR on Noir Series.

2006 V/A Thermodynamics CDR on Bone Structure.

2007 The Vault - Inner Vault Outer Vault CDR on Mind Terrorism Productions.

2008 V/A 404 Fatal Terrors CDR on Bone Structure.

2008 The Vault & Ames Sanglantes split CD on Sophisticate Pleasure Records

2011 The Vault & Kadaver split CDR on Mask of the Slave Records. The Noir series was a sub-division of Void recordz dedicated to Death Industrial, Death Ambient harsch Noise and Power Electronics. Each release was limited to 25-70 hand-numbered copies. There were only 3 Noir series releases. Here presented are Noir 01 and Noir 02. This is a second, remastered edition of the original recordings. CD-R in plastic sleeve, limited to 300 copies.

2011 The Vault - Transfiguration CD soon on Fall of Nature Records.

The Project/Le Projet

Created in 2005, The Vault was, and is still a tool I use for experimenting differents approaches in electronic music. I mainly focus on Dark Ambient, Old School Industrial, Noise and Power Electronic. Since it's creation, the project has evolved in many ways, along with my spiritual, philosophical, moral and socio-political interests. As a guideline, I primeraly work with different dark and obscure subjects and matters concerning the Human mind. Left hand path occultism/magick, cults, Death, mental illness, altered states of consciouness, ecstasy, illumination, depression, etc. are treated musically and visually in The Vault. This project will certainly continue to change with me as far as I don't want to create a static entity but more an evolutive object.

Créé en 2005, The Vault était, et est toujours un outil que j'utilise pour expérimenter différentes approches associées à la musique électronique. Je privilégie principalement le Dark Ambient, l'Industriel "Old School", le Noise et le Power Electronic (dans une moindre mesure). Depuis sa création, ce projet a évolué de différentes façons, au gré de mes intérêts spirituels, philosophiques, moraux et sociopolitiques. Par contre, je m'intéresse principalement aux sujets plus marginaux, obscures et sombres. L'occultisme noir, la sorcellerie, les ordres magiques, la mort, la maladie mentale, les états altérés de conscience, la transe et l'extase, l'illumination, la dépression, etc, sont des sujets abordés musicalement et visuellement dans The Vault. Logiquement, ce projet va, tout comme moi, continuer de se transformer et d'évoluer. Il est inconcevable que je stagne sans même tenter de pousser plus loin mes expérimentations.