dimanche 22 mars 2009


2006 The Vault - Be my Psychotic Slave! CDR on Noir Series.

2006 V/A Thermodynamics CDR on Bone Structure.

2007 The Vault - Inner Vault Outer Vault CDR on Mind Terrorism Productions.

2008 V/A 404 Fatal Terrors CDR on Bone Structure.

2008 The Vault & Ames Sanglantes split CD on Sophisticate Pleasure Records

2011 The Vault & Kadaver split CDR on Mask of the Slave Records. The Noir series was a sub-division of Void recordz dedicated to Death Industrial, Death Ambient harsch Noise and Power Electronics. Each release was limited to 25-70 hand-numbered copies. There were only 3 Noir series releases. Here presented are Noir 01 and Noir 02. This is a second, remastered edition of the original recordings. CD-R in plastic sleeve, limited to 300 copies.

2011 The Vault - Transfiguration CD soon on Fall of Nature Records.

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